Our Services

Because no two foundations are alike, PFS tailors its services to the unique needs of each client, providing the right mix of strategic advice, board support, grantmaking programs, compliance, financial management, and a physical home.

We can be your entire staff or we can help with a portion of your operations or grantmaking activities. All our clients benefit from our team’s deep knowledge and broad experience, and philanthropists can be as involved as they want to be.

Finance, governance, and administration

We take care of financial management, governance, and compliance, and function as your foundation’s back office so you can pursue your philanthropic mission without worry. We keep the big picture in mind, anticipate needs, and actively manage day-to-day tasks to ensure your foundation runs smoothly and effectively.

Our finance and accounting team has deep experience in foundation finances, from the CFO level to daily bookkeeping, and we’ve designed our systems and processes specifically for private foundations. We handle every aspect of financial management and make sure your foundation complies with the required rules and regulations.

We also provide a full range of back-office support and administrative services, so you don’t have to deal with office-management hassles. Yet our clients have a real home at PFS: we host board meetings, collect mail, answer calls, and even provide a place to work.

And if you need investment, legal, audit, or tax services, we’ll connect you to professionals we know and trust.

Program management

We take care of all program activities, from strategy to grantmaking to evaluation. We can help you identify philanthropic interests, design grantmaking programs that fulfill your goals, and keep those programs vital, ensuring they remain relevant and responsive to the nonprofit community.

PFS is committed to building strong connections between your foundation and the community you want to support. We want to ensure funding is a good fit, so we regularly make site visits to see grantees in action.

We also represent your foundation in the region’s philanthropic community, and research grantees and projects in your areas of interest. We stay on top of philanthropic issues and trends through memberships in national and local affinity groups and professional organizations.

Grants management

PFS ensures that every aspect of our clients’ grantmaking is effective as well as efficient. We take care of the entire process, from helping grant seekers navigate the application process to issuing grants and reporting on them. We manage the grants database, so your records are consistent and accurate, and we partner with the program team to identify trends, pinpoint the most effective program areas, and assure balance and mission fit.

We also manage board meetings, organize grantee convenings, keep minutes and bylaws, ensure compliance with state and federal requirements, and assist with financial audits and tax issues.

For new foundations

Pacific Foundation Services helps leaders of new foundations find their philanthropic voice and provides the guidance and expertise they need to give effectively. We provide strategic advice and nut-and-bolts services that enable you to make the best use of your funds and sustain your programs, so giving is a joy.

PFS grew out of a family foundation, and we particularly enjoy helping family foundations encourage younger members to become actively involved in philanthropy. Through giving, families often discover new, rewarding ways to work together. We can help you translate family values into a mission, vision, and action, and create a well-managed foundation that contributes to intergenerational understanding and personal fulfillment.

For established foundations

We give established foundations the right mix of staff, services, and guidance to make strategic shifts, navigate transitions, and build on their legacy.

With 30 years of experience serving nearly 40 foundations at all stages, we’ve seen many challenges and provided many solutions. We’ve helped leaders make important strategic decisions, ensure their legacy would continue beyond the founder’s tenure, and helped them shift grantmaking into new

On a day-to-day level, we can take the full spectrum of operational support off your hands. We provide whatever a foundation needs—grantmaking support, compliance assurance, financial management, and board support—so leaders can focus on what they love.

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