COVID-19 Resource Hub

As the world responds to the evolving impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, PFS is compiling resources to support our nonprofit partners and foundation clients in this challenging time. We hope to lift up the perspectives of the nonprofit sector, highlight response strategies from the philanthropic community, offer relevant news, and share links to funding opportunities.

HOW TO HELP: Stories from the field

Highlighting perspectives from our nonprofit partners, including specific areas of need and topical resources to help inform response efforts.


Standing Together: Support for Undocumented Immigrants

May 2020 | How to Help: Stories from the field

One in ten Californians is undocumented, and the hardships wrought by coronavirus—lost wages and unemployment, food shortages, closed borders, and increased risk of illness and death—are magnified for this already vulnerable population.

Nonprofits Rally as Risks Mount for Foster Youth During Pandemic

Apr 2020 | How to Help: Stories from the field

Some 59,000 youth are in foster care in California. These children, who have experienced or are at a very high risk of experiencing abuse or neglect, already face significantly higher economic insecurity and the probability of mental and physical health problems.

Food Banks Play Critical Role in COVID-19 Response

Apr 2020 | How to Help: Stories from the field

As we know, the coronavirus pandemic has made access to basic necessities that much more precarious and vital. And as Maslow taught us…

#GivingTuesdayNow Announces May 5th as Day of Global Action for Giving and Unity in Response to COVID-19

After eight years of GivingTuesday efforts celebrating grassroots generosity, the organization is launching an additional giving day planned for May 5, 2020 to deploy funds in response to needs expressed by communities and leaders around the world.

CalNonprofits: “More than 600 nonprofits speak up…”

Summary of recent survey results from more than 620 California nonprofit organizations sharing what they most need now and feedback regarding government relief efforts. Though the messaging focuses on government contracts, the article also features helpful insights for private funders to consider.


Sharing examples of how the philanthropic sector is stepping up and celebrating best practices during challenging times.


A Conversation on Equity

Apr 2020 | Leading Through Crisis: Philanthropy’s Role

As our world navigates the impact of the coronavirus, systemic inequities—from educational access to mortality rates—are being exposed and exacerbated.

Supporting Front-line Organizations

Apr 2020 | Leading Through Crisis: Philanthropy’s Role

As the world shelters in place, the hard reality for many is that they may be facing an increased risk of violence and trauma when home is not necessarily a safe place to be.

COVID-19: Philanthropy Called to Action

Apr 2020 | Leading Through Crisis: Philanthropy’s Role

In solidarity with the global philanthropic community, Pacific Foundation Services client foundations are mobilizing to support…

The Power of Collaboration: Oakland COVID-19 Relief Fund

Apr 2020 | Leading Through Crisis: Philanthropy’s Role

PFS client foundations are rising to meet this moment in many ways, including emergency grants to sustain current grantees and rapid….

New York Times: “How Philanthropists Are Helping During The Crisis”

Highlighting a few examples of ways philanthropists can adapt and prioritize responsiveness during this unprecedented time of need.  

Chronicle of Philanthropy: “In This Crisis, Philanthropy Must Tackle 3 Existential Challenges All at Once”

Exploring how the philanthropic sector can play a meaningful role in our global recovery.  

COVID-19 NEWS & RESOURCES: The Latest Information

Sharing examples of how the philanthropic sector is stepping up and celebrating best practices during challenging times.


Racial Equity Tools: COVID-19 – Racial Equity & Social Justice Resources

For ongoing updates tracking the impact and response effort across California.

Northern California Grantmakers: What We’re Reading: May Equity & Social Justice Edition

For ongoing updates tracking the impact and response effort across California. website

For ongoing updates tracking the impact and response effort across California.

Understanding the Impact of Federal Coronavirus Relief Legislation

Apr 2020 | COVID-19 News & Resources

Since early March, Congress has passed three significant pieces of legislation to provide relief and assistance to individuals,…

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Latest information on COVID-19:

California State Public Health Department

Latest information on COVID-19:

San Francisco Department of Public Health

Latest information on COVID-19:

New York Times Coronavirus Tracking Map

Latest information:


Whether you are a nonprofit seeking support or a philanthropist interested in funding, these links offer indexes of pooled funds that have been vetted and actively supporting relief efforts from a local to global level.


Candid – Coronavirus/COVID-19 Funding Opportunities

Pop-up website hosted by Candid with a comprehensive set of resources for nonprofit organizations including a list of funding opportunities.

Artist Relief Fund (National)

National effort to deploy $5,000 relief grants to artists impacted by the crisis.

Intersection for the Arts – Relief Resources for Artists

Information for local artists including legal support and advocacy efforts.

Early Childhood Funders Collaborative – Resource Hub

Curated information and resources for those in the early childhood field.

Council on Foundations – Response Funds Index

Comprehensive list of global response funds and relief efforts relating to COVID-19 tracked and vetted by COF staff and members  

Philanthropy CA – COVID-19 Response Funds

Collaborative of Northern California Grantmakers, Southern California Grantmakers, and San Diego Grantmakers, Philanthropy CA updates this list of pooled funds daily ,which can be sorted by geography and beneficiaries.

National Center for Family Philanthropy & Giving Compass – Response & Recovery Funds

Compiled with a social justice framework, this site shares a map that grantseekers and funders can explore to connect with response and recovery funds across the US.

Tipping Point – COVID-19 Response Fund

Latest information on effort to raise and deploy $30 million in support of COVID-19 relief efforts targeting low-income and most vulnerable populations across the Bay Area.

Bay Area Community Foundations COVID-19 Response

Latest information on collaboration between nine Bay Area county community foundations coordinating response efforts, including funds for individuals, families, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

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