Our approach

PFS takes a one-size-fits-one approach that meets foundation leaders where they are and gets them to where they want to go. For new foundations, we help leaders find their philanthropic voice and provide the guidance and expertise they need to give effectively. For established foundations, we deliver just the right mix of staff and services to help leaders make strategic shifts, navigate transitions, and build on a legacy.

Every client foundation we serve gets a dedicated team of pros. We also share knowledge across teams to make the most of our collective expertise. Our staff come from all corners of the philanthropic and nonprofit community, so we can draw on their diverse experience to provide the best staffing for each foundation.

We’re committed to serving nonprofits along with our clients. PFS helps nonprofits connect with foundations that share their vision. We also work to simplify the grant-seeking process, allowing nonprofits to focus on their missions, rather than complicated funding applications. We get to know grantees, and strive to be transparent throughout the grantmaking process to ensure equity and the best possible outcomes.

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