Amy Freeman

Senior Foundation Staff

Amy Freeman joined PFS in 2011 and is a member of the senior program staff, bringing three decades of experience in philanthropy and nonprofit management to her role managing a diverse grants portfolio. Her grantmaking expertise extends to public-private partnerships, initiative work, and funder collaborations. Amy’s work as a Program Officer with the Stuart Foundation and the Walter S. Johnson Foundation, spanning seven years, concentrated on improving outcomes for California’s foster youth and college students; working with the systems that serve them, seeding innovative practice, and promoting better policies.

As the founding executive director of the Alameda County Foster Youth Alliance, she learned the nuances and intricacies of running a non-profit and honed her skills in policy advocacy and coalition building. She has a BA in Theater Arts from Fordham University and an MA in Organizational Development from the University of San Francisco. A native New Yorker, she lived in Holland for many years, and moved to the Bay Area the 1980s. Amy is also a certified yoga instructor and avid practitioner.